My name is Sierra Bates. I am creative and love seeing my designs become reality. I’m a hard worker and head into any situation with a positive attitude. I’m friendly and enjoy working with a team. I love combining illustration and graphic design together to create a cohesive but, impactful design. Above all else I try to approach any situation with an open mind and a smile.


I’m proficent with Adobe Suite Programs including InDesign,Photoshop,Dreamweaver,Illustrator and others.
I have experience with Sketchbook Pro and SketchUp as well. I’ve done advertising, html/css, print, book covers, posters, magazine covers, and illustration.Platforms includes IOS Macintosh & Windows.


    Any Questions? I’d love to answer them!
    Sierra @ sierrabates.com

    Instagram: @sierraaanne

    Facebook: sierra.bates.777

    Linkedin: sierra-bates-b70579141